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"She is absolutely amazing I'm 16 weeks pregnant and I was worried about getting a massage l, but she made me feel absolutely comfortable. She has away of making you relax, your mind and your body,I will never go anywhere else ever again!"


"I was very sick with bad congestion and a cough and I had a half marathon to run. Patrice made time in her schedule to see me and give me a massage treatment dōTERRA® oils that would help me breathe. I literally couldn't lay down in the massage chair because I couldn't breathe and by the end I was breathing through my nose like I had never been sick. I was relaxed, relieved and able to breathe! She saved me and my race!"

"Absolutely amazing! I walked away feeling so light and pain free! Patrice you are very gifted and I'm blessed to know you!"

"Best massage therapist in UTAH! I highly recommend her to anyone!"

"Loved my massage!! I have tendonitis in my right shoulder and Patrice helped it to feel normal again!! Thank you much Patrice!!"

"Patrice is a very talented Massage Therapist /energy worker. She knows exactly what to focus on. I would highly recommend her to anyone for a Massage."

"This is amazing I walked away feeling full of energy and smile from ear to ear I know that this can heal any pain and help any stress can't wait to go back."

"Great massage. Relaxing warm atmosphere. I lost track of time, and was so relaxed. She did amazing things for my shoulder after I fell on it. Will totally recommend her to my friends. She has amazing strength, but was gently able to relive my knots!"

"This woman is absolutely amazing. Her hands are gifted by God, shes educated, shes compassionate in healing from with in, knows the grooves of ones body to easily access and prognosis the plan of healing with out you even telling her. Her hands flow ever so eloquently around each curve of your frame with out it feel rushed and or untamed. GO SEE HER!"

"This being my first ever massage, I definitely had no idea what to expect. Patrice made me feel comfortable right away! The atmosphere was tranquil and the music selection quickly helped me settle into a state of peaceful relaxation. Her professional and friendly demeanor dispelled any reservations in no time flat! As a long time sufferer from osteoarthritis, in my left shoulder, I've learned to deal with near constant pain and discomfort. By the time she had finished I literally felt as if I had my old shoulder back! Truly amazing! I would recommend Heal Thy Spirit Massage to everyone I know, (unless I don't like you). I've chosen to make HTSM a regular part of my health and wellness routine. 5 STARS! BRAVO!"

"Seriously Patrice gives the best massage I've ever had"

"I hold all my anxiety and stress in my neck and shoulders, which causes them to always have tension. Thank you so much Patrice for the wonderful massage and spiritual message! I feel so relaxed and look forward to my follow up sessions. You have been blessed with wonderful hands."

"Patrice is amazing. I started getting massages a couple of years ago. I have a lot of problems with chronic inflammation all over in my body. I been worked on by several therapists. I had one who was really good. She really worked me over and it hurt a lot. No pain no gain though right? She decided to move though so I tried a couple of therapists. I've had various health issues. One of my biggest challenges are my knees. I've had 5 knee surgeries in less than three years. I had physical therapy and injections. For over the last year I have struggled a lot especially with my left knee. For over a year now I have had so much pain and always feel like I have a golf ball under my knee cap. Even when I'm not in pain, I am still uncomfortable. Then I had just developed a Baker's Cyst behind the knee due to the inflammation in my knee.I know God crossed my path with Patrice a few weeks ago. The first massage was different. It was relaxing and not painful as I was used to. I thought she really didn't work me over like I was used to. Was I surprised when I woke up sore the next morning and felt like I had, had a really deep massage!

After the first massage I went into a seriously detox which was badly needed. It was worth being miserable for a few days. The second time, Patrice worked on my knee.Three days later I scared her when I text her and said "What did you do to my knee?" For days after I kept wondering what happen to my leg. I was walking like a normal person. My legs had not felt this good in about 4 years! With her massages and alternative therapy I am doing, I finally have hope! Patrice definitely has the magic touch. You will want to give her a try. I promise...... you won't be disappointed!"

"I am about to enjoy the best night of sleep in a long time. And I have my dearest friend Patrice to thank for this. I suffer from chronic pain in my body, but particularly in my upper back and neck area. The last couple of days have been horrible and after my therapeutic massage I can honestly say my body is like jelly!! I feel as if I'm floating on air! I am ecstatic that Patrice is sharing her anointed hands of healing with the world. During our time together I was able to escape my physical pain and vacation in a place of comfort and spiritual nurturing. I can't wait until my next session, I owe it to my body. I promise this is a gift your mind, body, and spirit deserve....be healed!"

"Late evening massage, the therapist was able to give me a treatment. I found out during the session, my body is in bad shape and the lymph node in my right leg is clogged, I guess this is why I been having a lot of pain in this leg for over a week, feels much better now, she was able to open it up so the fluids are able to flow through. My hands and the bottom of my feet feel much better, shot my entire body does, will have another treatment next week. We don’t know just how bad our body is until we have therapist Patrice, work out all the knots. Thanks So Much Patrice."

"Perfect way to start a weekend after a long week of sitting at a desk. Patrice was able work out knots that had bothered me for a while. I woke up the following morning feeling relaxed and refreshed. Will definitely make it a monthly routine! Refer her to everyone I know. Thank you Patrice for using those healing hands on me!"

"I have never been one who was into massages but Patrice changed all of that for me. She is great at what she does by healing your body and helping you to learn to relax your mind. I would recommend her to anyone well worth the money."

"I love the way I feel each time I receive a massage from Patrice's sweet hands and spirit. I feel invigorated and at peace all at the same time!! Give her a try and see for yourself!!"


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